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©2019 by FormiCanada.

Terms and Conditions


Effective July 10th, 2019:
Shipping & Terms:

1. (a) Non-Live Refunds
Any non-live domestic or international item damaged during shipping will be reimbursed through voucher or through a reship at the customer's expense if the following condition(s) are met. We entrust our carefully wrapped and packed parcels to the good people of Canada Post. Damaged or broken parcels will be reshipped at the customer's expense and a refund is not applicable. 

Refund(s) will only be applicable if the customer has full video proof from the (start) unsealing of the parcel to the emptying (end) of all contents. IF a full, unaltered unboxing video is not present, you will not be entitled to a refund.

 Without a full unboxing video present, we will hold the right not to refund without proof. We do not cover lost or stolen goods. Refund window is a period of 2 days after delivery. 


Cancelled purchases after 2 days of purchase date are not fully refundable due to fund appropriation towards materials and / or ant(s) whereas only a 25% refund will be available within the grace period of 2 days of initial payment. There is no refund after this time.

(b) Live Refunds in Cold Months
Any LIVE domestic shipments are shipped accordingly to weather and time of year. Any customer wishing to receive a shipment in any weather of 5°C or below, will have to pay an additional $10 supplies fee for heat pack, insulation, box, and specialized shipping packaging. These shipments are not refundable during the precarious winter months (Oct 15 - April 1st).

(c) Live Refunds
Any shipments from 6°C to 25°C are expected to arrive in good form. We strongly advise 1-3 days shipping for any live domestic parcel and at least 5-14 days for any non-live international parcel. We do not ship live parcels outside of federal, provincial or municipal jurisdiction. Any orders made and shipped where heat exceeds 25°C are shipped at the customer's own risk. We will hold a shipment in this event and contact you to let you know.  If you proceed, it's at you own risk and DOA refunds are strictly not negotiable. 

(d) With-Holding Shipments 
Please be advised that ALL types of shipments can be held at any given time if there is a threat of inclement weather. We hold the right to withhold any parcels that may be threatened due to (a) weather, (b) postal strike, or (c) unforeseeable circumstances of a personal nature. We apologize for any inconvenience that this clearly can cause, however, the welfare of our animals is paramount.

(e) warrANTy

We provide a one month warrANTy post arrival to you in which we guarantee the life of your queen ant. This does not apply outside of the temperature grace period. This warranty is voided completely and refund is not applicable if ants are placed in a set-up not created by this company. The variance is too great for queen and colony mortality in other products and thus we we cannot guarantee their success. Examples include gel ant farms, plastic 3-D printed ant farms and other. 

(f) Conditions on Re-Shipping
Reships and/or reimbursements are sent at no cost to the customer where the conditions are favourable if met in 1(e). 

Shipping within the city of Hamilton and/or the surrounding areas may be subject to a FREE delivery upon full payment if conditions are met not limited to (i) payment schedule is met in full in time that final payment date was set (ii) parcel value is over $250.00 CDN (iii) the customer and delivery employee agree on a mutually beneficial delivery time schedule. In all other aspects, shipping is via Canada Post and will be billed accordingly and bona fide. GTA delivery is a flat rate of $50.00 and Hamilton is $20.00. Any area 25km outside of Hamilton is subject to Canada Post. 


Item(s) damaged or destroyed during shipping will be fully reimbursed via conditions in Shipping 1(a). All products are handmade by Vasile Bagazzoli o/a AntsNational and/or (a) designated employee(s) and are designed for entertainment purposes and the curation of ants or other small invertebrates only! Lost items are subject to the selected shipping company's lost items declaration and not on us.

Parcel(s) are sent with tracking and insurance coverage of up to $100.00 where applicable. Conditions, Terms, NDA are subject to change at any time in the event that they are needed to be. Any items that are subject to a reimbursement may be subject to a reship under Shipping 1(e). We guarantee LIVE ARRIVAL of our ant queens. Queens are protected via our warrANTy for up to 1 month after the date that the parcel was delivered if conditions in 1(e) are accordingly met.  Any instances of deceitful intent, negative commentary, attempted civil extortion, may result in severed communication and alerting authorities. Any type of negative publication(s) concerning any members of this team or products may also be pursued legally in a civil court of law for damages. Any unethical (towards any staff member at AntsNational / FormiCanada World of Ants) acts of racism, violence, religious persecution or other will result in severed communication without warning and authorities may be alerted. We ask that you please remain kind to all members of our community.  Any products which are copied or replicated without the consent of leadership of FormiCanada in a signed and written form can be pursued for civil damages under Canadian Copyright Law and International Copyright Law. Any form of intellectual theft will be pursued legally. Our mission is to educate the general public of all ages in Canada and the world about the importance of the various ecosystems through the importance of small social organisms such as ants. Established in 2007, we are now Canada's largest retailer of live queens and top-quality formicariums for Pet Stores, Schools, Institution, Homes and other. We may perform educational programs such as in-class visits with elementary students, offices, parks, social festivals, various expos and more. We believe that promoting responsible ant husbandry is necessary and thus do not sell and never will sell any types of destructive, dangerous or invasive ants or any genera which would be detrimental to the Canadian Wilderness or deemed illegal by multiple levels of Federal, Provincial and Municipal Canadian authorities to the best of our abilities. Our ideals are meant to inspire interest in predominantly ants through our efforts and various programs entitled to conservation of our world's ecosystems. We do not sell ants outside of any legal jurisdiction as stated by the Government of Canada via the CFIA, APHIS and the Canadian Wildlife Federation. All of our live animals are sourced without the damaging of the natural environment. 

Those with any further questions, feel free to contact us.

We hope that you have the best experience with AntsNational and we look forward to building a strong relationship with you!