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Formica incerta (Red Field Ant)


This red formica is very easy to keep, but during the founding stage is extremely sensitive to light and vibrations. Like all ants in the Formica genus, this ant is very fast and agile. These ants currently have small larvae! 

Colony Size
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    Binomial nomenclature:

    Formica incerta


    North America

    Queen (Founding):

    8-12mm (Fully Claustral)




    Insects and honey water

    Air moisture:





    Yes, from late October to late March at 5-8 ºC


    Soil nests, Sand Nests


    Founding (Dram Nest), At least 15 workers (The Cube), 30-50 workers (The Edge), 100+ Workers (The Canyon), 200 + workers (The Cave or The Colossus)

    Formicarium size:

    min. 30x20cm (must be adjusted to colony size)

    Difficulty Level: Beginner (Easy)

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